2019 My first apartment

Hello dear Reader,

as promised this is the first post about my “future” new home. I am saying it that way, because the building is still in construction and if all goes well the finishing works will start later this year.

I started to think what I want in my apartment early on, because its so much work and I wanted to prepare myself, so when its time all will go smoothly.

So my bedroom will be in cool tones with classic modern vibes. Color pallet: silver, gray, lilac. Some of the item I already have (combined in one picture with their original pictures):

My bathroom is a small room so I thought it should be a bright and that is why I choose white tiles with marble effect and the accent tiles will be on the floor.

I like Bodbyn in gray doors from Ikea, so I think the kitchen will be made there, but as its a small room with some not good angles I might need to see if we will manage to get it done with what Ikea is offering. The stile of the door however is the one I really like so I hope we will fix it somehow. I like it to look like this:

My dining room and the kitchen are in the same big room, but we will separate them with an arc. The dining room will be also in warmer tones. I am not sure what pallet exactly yet, but the items I bought already are in sonoma oak and brown.

The hallway will be warm tone too to connect to the dining room.

This is only the first post of what I like. 

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What is to come in 2019

Hello dear Reader,

happy New Year!


My last post here was from October, so I wanted to update you on what I was doing. In 2018 I finally got all my paper work done on my first apartment. I will be moving there sometime this year, if all goes well with finishing works and I thought I might share how it goes. 

I will try to post more on here, but am not sure that I will manage to do it every month. For now I think I will try to share some ideas I have for my apartment in sense of what stile I am going for and what I bought so far, hope you will be interested in reading that.

Thank you for checking the post and have a nice day!

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Hello dear reader,

welcome to my review of this gorgeous YSL VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-BALM.

I used it over the full summer and am very happy with my purchase. The color I have is Number 2 Tease me pink.

The color is sheer, but when it’s over it leaves a nice pinkish stain. I love YSL scent on the lip products and this one does not disappoint. The formula is enriched with macadamia and apricot butters mixed with passion fruit, coriander and jojoba oils. My lips feel soft and nourished after and its perfect product for when you want something on your lips, but do not want to go for an extreme color.

I will definitely will recommend it to anyone who wants a little luxury with benefits for your lips.

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2018 new Essence Fall release haul

Hello dear reader,

long time no see, but I will try to post at least once a month starting from now. This post will be the first one after the summer break and will be new makeup related.

Let me introduce you to those gorgeous items.

Essence is one of my favorite brands of drugstore makeup. They have good quality items that are easy on the pocket.

This autumn essence finally brought up their versions on metallic liquid lipsticks and metallic eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows on swatch are very good, I did not try them yet, as I just got them, but I saw couple of Youtube reviews and they seem to be good too. Love the chrome effect. Just a small worming if you go into the store to test them your hands might be covered in glitter after that. I have the colors 1 zink about you (gold-ish one), 02 ironic (more copper then the first one) and 05 lead me (steel silver). Оn the swatch above the first two look alike, but in pan and swatched on the skin are different.

The lipsticks are ok too. I tried them yesterday, but probably will need to put a balm before using them  as they tend to dry out the lips and exaggerate the fine lines. Please keep in mind that I tried them only once and am willing to give them another chance as the colors are gorgeous and the packaging gives me Kylie Cosmetics vibes. I have the colors 01 sweet tin (rose gold on the left in the swatch) and 04 iron heart (red with gold particles) 

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2018 Review NEW TV Show “The Outpost”


Dear reader,

If you managed to look through the internet and stumble upon this review of the new series, then welcome and be prepared as you will not find me writing praises about it, but lets first start with a short description of the series:

“The Outpost follows Talon (Jessica Green), the lone survivor of a race called ‘Blackbloods.’ Years after her entire village is destroyed by a gang of brutal mercenaries, Talon travels to a lawless fortress on the edge of the civilized world, as she tracks the killers of her family. On her journey to this outpost, Talon discovers she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to control in order to save herself, and defend the world against a fanatical religious dictator.”

Sounds interesting, right? You would think it should be a great fantasy TV Show. When you know what you can do with technology today and what channels (CW TV and SyFy acquired the rights to show it) it’s on, you would imagine it would be great, after all Vampire Diaries and Killjoys run on those channels too, but that’s not the case here.

This series feels like some low budged fan fiction.

The trailer looks better than the show itself. The fight scene in the first episode is so bad, as if filmed by I don’t know children… The actors and actresses are bad too. Bland emotions on their faces and so cliché for 2018.The old Fantasy shows like “Xena: Worrier Princess” (1995-2001) and Hercules (1995-1999) were way much better and they were shows from the 90’s. The pilot of the “Legend of the Seeker “ (2008-2010) was way way better than this one.

It did not manage to grab my attention at all and for a big network series it’s a full disappointment for me. I thought I would give the second episode a chance but it did only strengthened my opinion of a failure about it and I will not waist any more time on it.

All in all if I need to rate it I will give it 2 out of 10, do not waste your time with it. It did not deliver and it will not in the future. If someone would ask me I would tell them re-cast it, find someone who can has experience with effects and if its about the money find a good investor and re-do it, that’s it.

If you have watched it and you disagree with me please share your opinion in a comment below, will be glad to read it.


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2018 Disappointing product Missha DIY mask

Hi dear reader,

this post will be a short and painless one.

I did want to try those kind of masks where you combine a powder and a gel mixture to get a peel off mask. I love Korean makeup and skincare and I use Missha’s Sheet masks, but this concoction was the worst.

I first thought great lets check it out: I opened it combined the parts as described and it smell great, but after I put it on my skin (bare in mind I have dry skin so I wanted to get some moisture) and it started to sting. I thought its ok it probably does it work that’s why.

When I removed the mask (it peel off without any issues) my skin was red and irritated and I started to cough. It did go away after couple of minutes, but if you have sensitive skin and you are allergic, I would not recommend it for you.

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2018 First-Try On – Makeup Revolution Small Hall

Hello dear reader,

today’s post will be about Makeup Revolution London. This is a drugstore brand, famous to do a “dupes” of other more pricey brands as example Two Face.

This spring I am drawn to more red-ish and coral tones. I did not want to invest in Urban Decay Naked Heat (I did not like it live in Sephora) so I looked and looked. I did purchase Lime Crime Venus XL, but did not get it yet. On the site I look very often, there was a free delivery when you do a purchase over a specific sum and I did research the items previously so I decided to take the leap.

Here we go I bought Soph X eye-shadow and the highlighter palette.

The eye shadow palette has 24 shadows. 14 matte and 10 shimmer shadows. Bellow are the swatches. Loved the matte once. They are creamy and smooth


I did swatch each row from the upper corner left to right each row downwards 

First row does not look very good as the colors are melting with my skin and you can see only the shimmers. Loved the last 4 colors on the second raw.

First raw left to right: penguin, pancakes, fairy lights, pink champagne, iced coffee, cuppa tea.

Second raw: grow old, sparks fly, smokey bronze, mixed berries, tiramisu, peaches

Third raw: cloudberry (looks from far mat, but has golden particles) pumpkin, pine tree, petrol, pug, danger

Last raw: strawberry sweets, festive flame, copper coin, mug cake. rosewood and nightmare

My favorites are: iced coffee, pumpkin, strawberry sweets, festive flame and smokey bronze. Cannot wait to try them on my eyes.

The highlighter palette looks very promising too:


but only some of the colors will go on my cheeks the rest probably will be used as shadows.

So here are my thoughts on the collection: packaging very nice looking. Shadows matte once smooth and creamy me, shimmer – pigmented except for couple (pine tree I expected more, but will see how it applies on the eyes). Finger swatches were good, but need to see how they will go on the eyes. Highlighters – smooth but the second color on the upper raw was a little bit lacking for my taste, will see later how it goes on the face. 

I might make a review post but that will be much later …

If you have tried them, please let me know what you really think about them, that would be great! Thank you for reading this post and till next time … Bye 

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