2018 First-Try On – Makeup Revolution Small Hall

Hello dear reader,

today’s post will be about Makeup Revolution London. This is a drugstore brand, famous to do a “dupes” of other more pricey brands as example Two Face.

This spring I am drawn to more red-ish and coral tones. I did not want to invest in Urban Decay Naked Heat (I did not like it live in Sephora) so I looked and looked. I did purchase Lime Crime Venus XL, but did not get it yet. On the site I look very often, there was a free delivery when you do a purchase over a specific sum and I did research the items previously so I decided to take the leap.

Here we go I bought Soph X eye-shadow and the highlighter palette.

The eye shadow palette has 24 shadows. 14 matte and 10 shimmer shadows. Bellow are the swatches. Loved the matte once. They are creamy and smooth


I did swatch each row from the upper corner left to right each row downwards 

First row does not look very good as the colors are melting with my skin and you can see only the shimmers. Loved the last 4 colors on the second raw.

First raw left to right: penguin, pancakes, fairy lights, pink champagne, iced coffee, cuppa tea.

Second raw: grow old, sparks fly, smokey bronze, mixed berries, tiramisu, peaches

Third raw: cloudberry (looks from far mat, but has golden particles) pumpkin, pine tree, petrol, pug, danger

Last raw: strawberry sweets, festive flame, copper coin, mug cake. rosewood and nightmare

My favorites are: iced coffee, pumpkin, strawberry sweets, festive flame and smokey bronze. Cannot wait to try them on my eyes.

The highlighter palette looks very promising too:


but only some of the colors will go on my cheeks the rest probably will be used as shadows.

So here are my thoughts on the collection: packaging very nice looking. Shadows matte once smooth and creamy me, shimmer – pigmented except for couple (pine tree I expected more, but will see how it applies on the eyes). Finger swatches were good, but need to see how they will go on the eyes. Highlighters – smooth but the second color on the upper raw was a little bit lacking for my taste, will see later how it goes on the face. 

I might make a review post but that will be much later …

If you have tried them, please let me know what you really think about them, that would be great! Thank you for reading this post and till next time … Bye 

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