2019 My first apartment

Hello dear Reader,

as promised this is the first post about my “future” new home. I am saying it that way, because the building is still in construction and if all goes well the finishing works will start later this year.

I started to think what I want in my apartment early on, because its so much work and I wanted to prepare myself, so when its time all will go smoothly.

So my bedroom will be in cool tones with classic modern vibes. Color pallet: silver, gray, lilac. Some of the item I already have (combined in one picture with their original pictures):

My bathroom is a small room so I thought it should be a bright and that is why I choose white tiles with marble effect and the accent tiles will be on the floor.

I like Bodbyn in gray doors from Ikea, so I think the kitchen will be made there, but as its a small room with some not good angles I might need to see if we will manage to get it done with what Ikea is offering. The stile of the door however is the one I really like so I hope we will fix it somehow. I like it to look like this:

My dining room and the kitchen are in the same big room, but we will separate them with an arc. The dining room will be also in warmer tones. I am not sure what pallet exactly yet, but the items I bought already are in sonoma oak and brown.

The hallway will be warm tone too to connect to the dining room.

This is only the first post of what I like. 

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