2019 Apartment and life update

Hey they world,

I haven’t written for long time here so I wanted to update the site.

My life changed as I became a puppy mom. His name is Maksimiliyan for short Max and he is my little baby boy.

Max was born 1st of January 2019 and I fell in love from a photo I saw of him and his brothers and sisters

Here he is in the centre. He is an English Cocker Spaniel and I got him when he was 45 days old. Yesterday he just got 6 months old.

He is the third dog in my life, second cocker. He is a small little wirlwind. The first couple of weeks I was woken up 3-4 times a night, but that is all over now. He grew so different from what he was as baby, but I still love him and my life got brighter with him inside it.

That is from yesterday. I might upload some interesting stories sometimes, but probably will update more my Instagram with photos of him.

On the topic of my apartment, the construction company is still building it if all goes well we will start with the works like preparing the bathroom walls etc this weekend and use the hot summer days.

I am buying some small homey bits and cannot wait until they put the fro t door and give us the keys so we can start the real work.

Here are some small bits I bought:

  • I got an oven
  • A bright red sofa on which I got a good deal in a sale
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Coffee table
  • Bath tiles (that was a good step as the one I chose are no longer available)
  • Other kitchen, bathroom elements

Basically my apartment is almost furnished before we got the key and good I did it so as now I do not like anything that is in the shops or I am too demanding

Will try to keep the place here updated, but life might take overhead

Have a nice day and see you soon

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