2018 new Essence Fall release haul

Hello dear reader,

long time no see, but I will try to post at least once a month starting from now. This post will be the first one after the summer break and will be new makeup related.

Let me introduce you to those gorgeous items.

Essence is one of my favorite brands of drugstore makeup. They have good quality items that are easy on the pocket.

This autumn essence finally brought up their versions on metallic liquid lipsticks and metallic eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows on swatch are very good, I did not try them yet, as I just got them, but I saw couple of Youtube reviews and they seem to be good too. Love the chrome effect. Just a small worming if you go into the store to test them your hands might be covered in glitter after that. I have the colors 1 zink about you (gold-ish one), 02 ironic (more copper then the first one) and 05 lead me (steel silver). Оn the swatch above the first two look alike, but in pan and swatched on the skin are different.

The lipsticks are ok too. I tried them yesterday, but probably will need to put a balm before using them  as they tend to dry out the lips and exaggerate the fine lines. Please keep in mind that I tried them only once and am willing to give them another chance as the colors are gorgeous and the packaging gives me Kylie Cosmetics vibes. I have the colors 01 sweet tin (rose gold on the left in the swatch) and 04 iron heart (red with gold particles) 

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