2018 Disappointing product Missha DIY mask

Hi dear reader,

this post will be a short and painless one.

I did want to try those kind of masks where you combine a powder and a gel mixture to get a peel off mask. I love Korean makeup and skincare and I use Missha’s Sheet masks, but this concoction was the worst.

I first thought great lets check it out: I opened it combined the parts as described and it smell great, but after I put it on my skin (bare in mind I have dry skin so I wanted to get some moisture) and it started to sting. I thought its ok it probably does it work that’s why.

When I removed the mask (it peel off without any issues) my skin was red and irritated and I started to cough. It did go away after couple of minutes, but if you have sensitive skin and you are allergic, I would not recommend it for you.

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