2018 L’Oreal Purify & Unclog Face Scrub Review

Dear reader,

today I want to review this new product I purchased from L’Oreal Paris.

This is the new Purify and Unclog Face Scrub from the Pure Sugar Line. It’s a scrub that you can use on your face and lips. For long time I was looking for a nice  scrub for my lips, so when those different scrubs came out I purchased this, the “smooth and glow” and the “nourish and soften” one. In this post I will review the kiwi one.

When I saw the commercial I was like wow I need to have this one. When I open it I was surprised by the nice smell. It looked delicious. I tried it already couple of times and for me at least it works – my face and lips feel nourished and not dry at all and also smoother then before.  

The texture is like a sugar gel. You take a little to a dry face and then massage it until you feel that the sugar has melted. After that rinse it and done. Skin feels fresh and nice. I use it once a week and follow with L’Oreal Pure Clay  “Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask” for best results. Now after couple of weeks my skin looks better no visible dry patches. My lips are smoother and liquid lipstick looks nicer on them. Cannot say much about the pores, but I still love it and will recommend it to try it out.

When I try the other once I might review them too, but for now I want to use up this one first and then the others. 

I hope this review is helpful, have a nice day and until next time…

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