About me

I am an inspired poet and thinker that wants to share her thoughts on different subjects with the global public. Love music and movies, books and animals. I am a fan of pop music and at the moment of korean pop music.

4 Responses to About me

  1. Ethlenn says:

    You may want to get into romanization of korea names first, because without it, you will be soon drowned in a mess.
    This is a friendly advice.

  2. what else can i say 😉 you blog is nice and lovely, looking forward for more

  3. Neutral Zone says:

    Hi, nice blog. I really liked the movie reviews. Would you be interested in contributing your work to another site, moviehyena.com? We are starting up and getting several movie enthusiast together. Let me know if you are interested at moviehyena@yahoo.com

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