2016 – 2017 My travel experience with TUI Wolters

Hello dear reader,

As mentioned in one of my previous posts I wanted to make a review of the travel company operating from Germany TUI Wolters and two of their travels

I have had joined them on a tour through Ireland (2016 – LIEBENSWERTE INSEL) and Scotland (2017 – SCHOTTLAND HIGHLIGHTS). Both were bus tours. The Irish one was in June and the Scotland one in September

That is the basic Info you probably would want to know and now I will try to give you my experience

Let’s start with the plus side:

  • If you do not know the countries it is a good choice to take a round trip like those two, as you will see pretty much most of the attractions and will have a basic feel of land and people
  • The price for the trip and including extras (entrance tickets, hotels etc) was also OK for both as before booking it I checked how much will it cost me to organize it myself and that was much more then with TUI
  • The tour guide and the bus were ok on both occasions, but I had better experience with the guide in Ireland (personal experience will not go in much details)

And now the not so positive side:

  • From beginning you are informed to not expect much from the hotels on the trip as the countries are small and in some of the towns you will visit there is not much choice at all for a group of 30-40 people, but to have rooms smelling of must is not acceptable

In Scotland we had a hotel (3 stars) where my room smelled of mold and I needed to change the room, which at the end of the day after a full day of travel and with no elevator in the hotel was not very nice. The good thing was that they have had a spare room, but are they not expecting the rooms before giving them to people???

In Ireland we had a stay at a “hotel” that looked to be a dormitory sometime in the past, but at least the room did not smell

  • When you book you are told that the price for the transfer from and to the airport is included, but at the end only if you book it from start to end of the visit. I mean if you plan to be in the country a day before the start because let’s say you do not have a flight at the exact date, that’s not included.

I think this probably is connected to the fact, that normally the company is working with people from Germany and not some other countries like I am, but after all that’s not very friendly from their site. They should at least deduct the amount from the price if you are not using the option.

  • In both countries the cuisine was not such at all. We pretty much had the same meals on all of the days, a variety will be good to have
  • On both trips we needed to be at the hotels around 6 pm so we were rushed at some of the visitor places we saw. It would have been good if the time was managed better

The last “negative” I have is that in those 7 days the trip is taking, you will be so overwhelmed with travel that you will need a vacation from the vacation, but that is expected when you book such a trip

The first way around I traveled with a friend, second time alone. From start the Scotland trip did not start good (airline has lost my baggage) and the guide in Scotland was a little bit frigid towards me or so I felt like, so if I have the opportunity I will probably choose Ireland for a trip again and will choose myself the cities and places I want to visit. I dreamed of visiting Ireland and that was a dream come true for me. I cannot compare the nature really, because I visited both countries in different seasons, but I will definitely say I loved Ireland more.

If you ask me if I would travel with TUI again, I will probably say only if I do not know the place I am traveling to as organizing a trip for an entirely unknown destination is a hustle and it’s easier to have that done by someone else.

Hope that this review will be helpful for some of you

Below are two pictures from my trips

Glendalough – Ireland

Melrose Abbey -Scotland


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