2017 duty free beauty shopping

Hello dear reader,

in this short post I just wanted to share what I bought  on my way back from my vacation in Scotland.

Looking through the shops nothing impressed me much, but I knew I wanted to splurge on a high end cosmetic and here are the two items I bought.

The first item is the foundation from Giorgio Armani. I knew that I need some light color, but Number 3 is already the third lightest one. In store it looked good, but I think it is still a little bit light for me as my face looked whitish in artificial light. Probably will need to put some blush or something else (normally I do not wear blush or bronzer) and I will definitely will wear it again as it did blend quite well with my skin.

Before my vacation started I looked through some beauty guru’s youtube video reviews and decided that I want to try out the Rouge Dior Liquid Lipsticks or the YSL Tatouage Couture Lipsticks. Here is what I bought at the end:

The color is pink matte one. I love the packaging. The lipstick itself is very good. Stays for hours, does not dry my lips and is comfortable to wear. I do not think much of the matte liquid lipsticks because I do not like how they taste and smell, but this one is OK for me. I am thinking perhaps to buy some other once, but we will see.

I know this is not a haul, but if I must be earnest there was not much choice in the shops, that would make me wanna spend my money on the items from first look.

Stay tune for a post with pictures and review on the travel agency and the tour I was in September in Scotland… Coming soon …

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