2017 Yankee candle haul

Hello dear Reader,

so for couple of weeks I thought about buying two Yankee candles: one being the Christmas Garland an the other Passion Fruit Martini look at what I have ended with

Last weekend a friend of mine and I did go to one of our local malls for me to get just the Martini one as I already had the Christmas Garland couple days before. To my surprise they had 40% off of all Yankee Candle merchandize. I was so happy that I decided to take more. The lady in the shop said that I can save money on the big jars, but I wanted to try more scents so I took the little ones and the two additions to my bag were : Sunset Breeze and Flowers in the Sun.

Below you can see more info on the candles. I normally will pick Bath and Bodyworks, but as they are not easily accessible for me I decided to give Yankee a second try

Here are the descriptions from the official sites

Sunset Breeze

About This Fragrance

Take an evening stroll on a beach, with scents of tropical fruits moving on the breeze, back and forth just like the surf. Fragrance Notes: Top: Pineapple, Peach, Mango? Mid: Pear Blossom? Base: Musk


Flowers in the sun

About This Fragrance:

Like a walk in the garden with sunlight spilling over all the golden colours – a remarkably bright scent of sweet blossoms. Fragrance Notes: Top: Lemon, Orange
Mid: Blooming Azaleas, Rosebuds, Pink Waterlillies Base: Sweet Airy Musk


Passion fruit Martini

About This Fragrance

Sit back, relax and savor a tropical mix of passion fruit, mango, and zesty orange. It’s like a long sip of a true beachside cocktail. Fragrance Notes: Top: Juicy Pineapple, Tropical Mango, Zesty Orange Mid: Passion Fruit? Base: Musk


I will most probably write later if I loved them, when I burn them, but that will not be before autumn probably as we have over 30C temperatures here.

So till next time… have a nice summer everyone




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