2017 YouTube made me buy it – NARS fail product of the year

Hello dear reader,

you probably will not agree with me, but the NARS sheer glow foundation for me is the FAIL Product of this year.

Looking for new product to test, I researched online and checked couple of youtubers reviews and decided to try this NARS foundation, but if failed for me from the start.

I cannot find anything positive about it. I have the color Siberia. which if the texture was OK would be perfect match for me. It claims to give your skin a glow, but it does not for me at all. It claims to be without a smell, but for me it has a subtle paint smell. It does not blend with my skin and clings to all dry patches (on moisturized skin too). It stays as a mask on my skin, which I do not like at all. It is to runny, but the biggest negative is, that it does not have a pump and is a messy as hell, when you use it.

Look at the cap above and the bottle neck

I am so disappointed that I have no words. I still will try to use it as a “white” foundation, but if it would be possible I would have want my money back.

Do you have similar experience? Am I the only one that do not like it? I tried it with brush and Real Techniques Beauty Blender, but get same result and do not like it. I still prefer my Guerlain and Max Factor foundation hundred times more.

Feel free to comment and share your experience…

Have a nice day


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