2017 June favorites

Hello dear reader,

as I was a little bit bored today, I decided to take some pictures for future posts here on my blog. When I looked for items I wanna take picture of, an idea for a post came to me and here what came out of that:

Since about May I am using the following items, but mostly this month of June.

I have the Bare Minerals foundation for a long time, but I use it mostly when it is hot outside. It does give me good coverage and combines very well with the moisturizer from Garnier. It does not look strange and last on my combo to dry skin until I come back from work and take it off. The biggest plus is that it keeps me matt and in our heat here in Bulgaria it is saying something.

As I mentioned the Garnier Moisture Protect + daily protective moisturizer with SPF 20 let me share some details about it next. I have used the Moisture Matte + moisturizer (the green tube) from the same line before and was very happy with it. I bought some other items from the same range, but will speak about them later, when I have tried them. So the Moisture Protect has a light cream texture, with a slight white color (because of the SFP I assume) that blends very well with my skin and gives me the perfect base for my Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. It says that it is enriched with Vitamin E, SPF 20 and Calendula extract, it should help protect my skin from external aggressors, plus Lemon extract and light reflecting pearls for a radiant and unified looking complexion. It is oil free and is suitable for sensitive skin too. I would definitely recommend it, if someone asks me.

Right in the picture next to the Bare Minerals is a favorite of mine “Pro Studio Brush Bath…, not a beauty item, but a beauty tool. When I did made my last kosmetik4less order I decided to try this brush cleanser as my Beauty Blender Tester was almost over and I wanted to have a professional “tool” to clean my brushes. This one from Freedom Makeup is a good one. It takes all the dirt from my brushes and sponges, makes them squeaky clean and smell nice. It costs only 8.95 Euro and it has 100 ml ,so it will last me long time.

For the item in the middle of the picture I will first share a picture with a swatch

It is Colour Pop’s Ultra Blotted Lip in the color Slide. Its a liquid lipstick, but lighter in texture than the normal ones. It dries matt, does not dry my lips and they feel smooth as if a powder is on them. It does not have a taste or a smell, which is good for me and it is long wearing. You need to try it to know what I mean. As Colourpop do sometimes an international free delivery (I did manage to use that) you just need to wait for that and use it.

Last on my favorite list for this month is a new finding for me. I use Max Factors CC Colour Correcting Cream (good that I have couple as it is not available anymore at least here in Bulgaria), and I love it so  I thought, that I want to try more from their foundations. I read reviews, researched and stopped my eyesight at this one: “Ageless Elixir Miracle 2 in 1 Foundation and elixir“. The color I use is 40 light ivory. The texture is mousy, but light. It has a nice smell, does not break me out. Gives a dewy look to my skin and has medium coverage. It has SPF 15. It says that it helps protect against ageing signs like discoloration and age spots with daily use. As I am in my mid 30s I thought it will be good to have something to help me care for my skin, and for now I am very please with it.

To finish this long post, just want to say stay tuned for a NARS foundation review in the next weeks and share your thought on the items, if you have used them

Till next time…



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