My opinion on: dupe vs real items

Hi world,

as I was inspired by Sam from the Youtube Channel Samloves I decided to write a post about my opinion on the dupe vs real .

As a woman I like to have nice items and during the last months I think I started to like more high end stuff.

The last couple of months I decided to invest in some skin care, perfumes and high end makeup . As example I love my Guerlain Parure Gold foundation and my Hera BB Cushion they just stay perfect on my skin and I personally think that the Guerlain one did make my skin looking better, but what about fashion Items?

I do not have a car. I work 8 hours  and then travel with city transportation back home. I do not want to think that I might damage my bag if I put it somewhere or scratch it or someone stеаls it. I want to have a nice looking item, but I do not want to invest a big bunch of money for an item, that will stay in my closet. I would better invest them in a up to date laptop or a camera or a designer perfume, that is why I love that there are dupes for some of the designer items (fashion ones), where you can save money and feel like a fashionista. 

Here on the photos in this post you can see some of mine 




What do you think about that topic? Would like to hear your opinion 

Have a great day

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1 Response to My opinion on: dupe vs real items

  1. samlovesword says:

    Fab post! Totally agree much prefer to splurge on makeup rather than fashion items where you can definitely be more savy and creative with your money. Love your Chanel ❤️

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