2016 Beauty Favorites

Hi world,

we are already the first week in 2017, but I wanted to share with you my beauty favorites for 2017, so here I go:

For lip Products:


I did mentioned those lip products in a review previously so I would not repeat myself.

For Face products – Foundations


The Max Factor CC I love since couple of years. Recently I started mixing it with my Guerlain Foundation as the second is a little bit yellowish for my skin tone. Both combined are great. 

For Face products – Highlighters


Face Products – Makeup Remover:


I love those Simple Wipes, I am really impressed by them, they work wonders and those not dry too soon after opening. The Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty is also a good one to try and I love my skin after using that.

My last favorites are couple Items that I could not combine in some other group, so that is why they are here


The Lancome Hypnose Mascara is a Tester, but as I loved it I bought a full size in this Christmas Season. Gucci Bamboo is one of my 2016 perfume findings and I love it. The Real Techniques sponge is the best beauty tool that I found yet for applying foundations

That is all for 2016, I am hoping to find new Items in 2017!

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1 Response to 2016 Beauty Favorites

  1. beautifulbedlamblog says:

    I have been so keen to try some First Aid Beauty products and I am definitely going to try this cleanser off of your recommendation. Also Mary Lou Manizer is da bomb. Such a gooden! ❤ Great post!

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