2016 beauty review BH Cosmetics Be… by Bubzbeauty


Hi world,

So as I was browsing through the net and YouTube to find some new launches for a trendy eye shadow pallet that also do deliver to my country I found the video of Lindy from Bubzbeauty and her collaboration with BHCosmetics

I am not subscribed to her, but sometimes I do come across her videos so I was intrigued. 

The pallet was only 12,5$ and the delivery just another 4,6$ so I took one of their eye shadow brushes and payed for them.


When I received the pallet I loved the colors, the packaging was OK, but as it is card board (magnetic), I think it will get dirty very easy if I am not careful. They swatched good on my hand and I thought I will try them on with the new brush

I put the brush into the “inspired” and put it on my eyelid and what a surprise it was so pigmented I was amazed. It is this mat, creamy brownish/ chocolate red color. I did put it on my complete eyelid and in the center of my eye I used “thoughtful”… loved the combo. Without primer, it lasted almost for 8 hours. I had no fallout. They blended like a dream. No creasing, but at the end of the day a little around my eye lashes disappeared, but with primer that should not be an issue. 

Therefore, if I need to give you the pros and cons here they are:

Pros: very pigmented; did blend very well, very affordable

Contra: the packaging might get very quickly dirty

Now I think I might want to try other BHCosmetics products and perhaps ones from Ashley Tisdale Collaboration 

So did you try some of BHCosmetics products? What do you think about them? 

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