September/ October / Autumn 2015 favorites

Hi guys,
I was pretty quiet this two months because I was busy with normal life, but as we have already the end of October I decided to look through my stuff and check what I did love this months… so here we go

wpid-wp-1445173474831.jpgThis are my favorites for the cold autumn days.
I did speak about some of the products , but not about all 😊

I am not so much into shawls, but I love this big cotton grey one and it has big and small owls on it, so very fall like. It is from New Yorker and I got it on sale for about 5 € 😊. Since I got it, I am wearing it every possible cold day.

Next are my beauty favorites for those two months


I did include all of them in this little pic so you can have them all at once.

The mascara we all know and about the eyepencil and the essence pallette just check my previous post for more details, here I want to present to you this gorgeous red brown small lipstick and this autumn perfume.

The lipstick I had for a long time. As I purged my stuff I found it in a Sephora box I bought a year ago perhaps. It was one of those Christmas pallets which included eyeshadow, blush and two lipsticks. The other stuff was old and I did not keep it but this lipstick I did. It is very moisturising and lefts a tint on your lips after it goes away. Does not have any odd smell and it is perfect for my small everyday purse.

The perfume is from Avon and it is from the range “today, tomorrow, always”. It has strong floral fruity scent and lasts on me for hours. Some of the notes are juicy peach nectar, white flowers, lily, amber and sensual musk. The bottle is a 50 ml and will last you for months.

So that are my favorites… what are yours?

Have a great day 🍁🌹🌹🌹🍁

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3 Responses to September/ October / Autumn 2015 favorites

  1. egshopaholic says:

    That’s my favorite mascara. I just opened another tube yesterday.

  2. Gabby Cooper says:

    I love this post! check out my blog and follow me and I’ll follow you back!

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