Movie review “Kingsman: the secret service” 2015



Today I decided to go and watch “Kingsman: the secret service” and I am willing to put my thoughts on “paper”

This review might have some spoilers so reading further on is your responsiblitily!

In my oppinion this is one of the best, if not the best movie for 2015. The newer one will definately have it hard to trumpf it in my eyes.

Matthew Vaughn did excelent job! The OST was out of the chart and did excellent job to stick to the action scenes as a glove. The efects were glorious the “bloody scenes” were not so bloody at all. I love the moment when Merlin activated the chips implanted in the necks of the “chosen sociaty members” and they started exploding like fireworks in a symphony of a movement.

The touch of making the “blood and brain” explosion to look like fountain of colours was a great step in making this movie different from the already known Bond franchise.

I somewhere read that Colin Firth did 80% of the action scenes by himself. If that’s the true then he did excellent job and he showed us that he can do more than taking roles in rom-comes or dramas and than he is deserving his Oscar.

The other supporting actors in the faces like Mark Strong, Jack Davenport, Michael Cane to name a few provided the movie with their excellent job

Here I want to say that if it keeps this good work second and etc parts will be possible, because the young blood in the faces of Taron Edgerton and Sophie Cookson have a future in the cinema enternainment and they can bring their roles to the full

Offcourse this movie had the normal “spy” clichés but I think they were put on show differently and I got a good taste after watching it. The “Kingsman…” will be put on my shelf of DVDs as soon as it comes out and will be watched again and again when I want fun, action and entertainment.

  • Choice of actors: 5/5
  • Plot development: 5/5
  • Cinematography: 5/5
  • Soundtrack: 5/5


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