The Best summer movie of 2014


And the winner is: “Guardians of the Galaxy”…

I so hope, that this movie takes some Oscars next year!!!

It had everything that I love: action, kick ass moments, music, characters, laughter’s… I was pretty impressed and as soon as it comes out on Blue Ray I will definitely buy it J

I watched it with my parents in IMAX and it was perfect! The cinematography was 10/10 Marvel did great job here. It was a long time ago when I saw a movie in the theater and it made me want more of it… will be sure to watch the second part too

All the people in the room laughed at the comical moments and we had all fun watching it.

Chris Pratt was perfectly chosen for the role of Peter Quill, I would not choose any other one.

I read somewhere that Bradley Cooper did the “Rocket” and I can agree with the reviewer, that he did great job changing his voice so that I could not recognize him J

The oldies running on the tapes, which Peter listened on his Walkman assigned to the movie it different flair and made it “taste” good…

I will not go any further in details and spoil you, who read this post, but I want to tell you: if you wish to have two Hours fun you definitely should go and watch it in IMAX the experience is something else!


My Score for this movie:

  • Choice of actors: 5/5
  • Plot development: 5/5 (many doors were left open, where it could goJ)
  • Cinematography: 5/5
  • Soundtrack: 5:5



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