“The bodyshop” spring sale haul


I saw that “the bodyshop UK” had a big sale and I found out a way to order them, I decided to try their products.

I saw in quite some YouTube videos of Essie Button that she loved the raspberry range so I bought following products:

  1. One raspberry body scrub
  2. Born lippy pot lip balm with strawberry taste
  3. Strawberry shower gel
  4. Satsuma body polish
  5. Blueberry body scrub
  6. Passion fruit body butter

Here is my small review of the products: they are really GREAT. I am in love with them!


All of them smell heavenly!  The body scrubs  are interesting in consistency and use, because they do not foam as normal shower gels and are like jams. I love also the fact, that my skin has some light scent of raspberries after I used it and it make me want to try some other products too.

One remark is only that: It is strongly advice to have them (the body scrubs) stored anywhere, where children if you have some, do not have access, because they can think, that these are eatable jams.

The body butter has some excellent butter quality. I used it on my elbows after a shower and I think, that after couple of uses, I already can tell that my elbows have improved and are not so dry.


I love the smell in my shower, when I use the Satsuma body polish. As the body scrubs, this one also has no soap foam. I will definitely try some other product from this range. The only minus of this product is, that the smell lasts only in the shower cabin but not on the skin.

The lip balm smelled and tasted like strawberries. It left a slight film, looking as if they were submerged in water.

 I did not try the strawberry shower gel and the blueberry body scrub yet, but I am 100% sure that they will be of excellent quality too.

 So all in all I will definitely buy some other products as well, the list is growing by the day.

 At the end of my post I want to thank to the customer service at “the bodyshop UK” for their help, as I had some questions and a BIG Thank YOU to Essie Button, who reviewed the products on her YouTube channel.

Link to “The Body Shop UK”: http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/

Link to Essie Button: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvFyPrPVotqsTlqxUmAOYRw

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