my experiance with avescular necrosis

How to take care of your health in a country, where you don’t have capable doctors and the administration sees the computer
only as a game machine

Dear readers,

As I was lying in my bed trying to sleep the idea came to me to write about my experience with the healthcare system in my
country. I must admit that i have had health problems since 2008 but not that big as i got last year. Without any particular reason in 2010 January my left hip started to make me problems. I could not stand up normally after sitting, i started humping and i got some kind of clicks in my bones. This all to a girl in her late 20s, which did not have any prior symptoms, trauma or etc. As
normal person i decided to visit a doctor in a clinic where i though are only specialists, so he asked me to describe the pain and the symptoms, we did x-ray and he told me that the hip head has some little oval rings on the surface and i don’t need to worry because it is not serious. I must have asked should we not make an MRI and he said if i wish, i said yes and we did it. In the MRI was already written that i got avascular necrosis 3-4 but he did not acknowledge it he gave me some homeopathic medicine for 6 months and some painkillers and send me home. After 6months i visited him again and after new x-ray he told me that the situation is better, that i should stop the medicine and take it again after 1-2 months. In this pause time the pain get stronger that in the beginning, i could not sleep on the left side i could not stay straight for a long time, i started to hump much worse, so i decided to visit another doctor, but also orthopedist. He then after seeing me told me that the problem might be neurotic and after
clearing all other problems i should came back. What do you think about such a medicine man? I told myself that i would never go to him again and started the long journey to find the right person who will get the responsibility and take care of me as their oath has told them so. In this journey of fast one year i have been hospitalized 4times. I have been told that the problem is not neurotic, but that i have immunologic problems that i should take care of, i have been told that i should shut my mouth and let them do the things they learned in the 80, they looked upon problems that weren’t to pressing at the time and fully ignoring others, they tried to give me medicine to witch i am allergic, but they did not believe me, they told me that i am late and now i must replace the full hip and that if i was visiting them earlier they could have try to save my own hip head. As if when we as patients have some illness we must visit min. 2doktors of the same kind, but i must ask why? What have they studied all these years? To not recognizing the simple symptoms? What for is all the new technology there, to not using it for true diagnostic? I think if you have forgotten something then go learn it again, as one of the doctors on my way said: the internet gives daily hundreds of pages with new info, you must only look for it, but no the doctors here are using the pcs only for admin, if they could open word these will be wow and only few can do more. They are looking on their patience as bank automat, where they can pull out money till we their cards are reaching our limits, then they will told us you are ok now and you can go… As happend not with me but with other people this year.

So let’s get back to my case after long searching i found a specialist that took me under the knife and replaced my hip. I was discharged from the hospital with a corn of info of what should i do and not, my doctor did not visit me at the end and
during the stay only two times. For now i am thankful for his good work as a mechanic, but not as a person, because i think a good job done is not only the OP but the aftercare too and the second should be on first place for everyone who wishes to be named medicine man or woman.

So at the end let me summaries: during these year i learned that it is better to not get sick at all, because we don’t have doctors, but only imposters that could kill you instead and are only thinking how to get your and the countries money. I learned that the good ones became machines and have lost their humanity. I learned that as a patient you should know your rights and inform yourself before getting into the hospital. I learned that i became allergic to some medicine and that i must read the description of the
medicine before buying it, to prevent allergies and other negative reactions, because the doctors of today are giving us these that the procedure seeks and not these which are the best for the patient. And at the end i got an implant hope for the better time of my life and i am on the way of recovery. I am praying that this is the last time i must face such ignorance and carelessness.

See the following links for more info about avascular necrosis:


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