Korean Movies that you should watch

I thought what should I write next and I decided to make a topic about Korean movies that someone should watch. So this is my opinion, if you have other one you should tell us.

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According to their genre as follow:

Drama – Romance

  1. A moment to remember(2004)
  2. A Millionaire’s First Love(2006)
  3. Daddy long legs (2005)
  4. The naked kitchen (2009)
  5. My black mini dress (2011)
  6. Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)
  7. Love is blind (2009)
  8. Wedding dress (2009)
  9. Changing Partners (2007)
  10. Seducing Mr. perfect (2006)


  1. Bad couple (2010)
  2. My tutor friend (2003)
  3. The art of seduction (2005)
  4. Cyrano agency (2010)
  5. Femme fatale (2007)
  6. My girlfriend is an agent (2009)


  1. My mighty princess (2007)
  2. Duelist (2005)
  3. A better tomorrow (2010)

With Actors like Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye, Gong Yoo, Song Seung Hun, Son Ye Jin and others. I will not post the summaries because they are too long and the post will be too long too, if you are interested you can find the movies in: http://www.asiatorrents.com

or other torrent sites.

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